The New World Forum

The New World Forum emerged onto the international stage as a significant political, economic, and financial annual meeting. It gathers political, economic, and corporate leaders to openly and honestly debate the fundamental issues that define the realities of those who govern, during two days at the OECD Headquarters in Paris.


For its 7th edition, the New Word Forum will be held at the OECD Headquarters in Paris on November 9-10, 2015.

“The urgency of long term”


For this 7th Edition, we chose to start by exploring the long term. This complex exercise is not of an academic nature since, in order to explore the New World, we must project ourselves beyond the current economic climate and upheavals. Are we, as stated by some economists, in the heart of a secular stagnation? We also need to wonder about the deep economic, geopolitical, technological and societal transformations we are witnessing today. What are their implications on the long term?


The issue of work clearly constitutes one of the chapters of this transformation. Last year we opened the debate on the future of work and thought it useful to continue this discussion under a new angle. Has work lost its fundamental role in the emancipation, the self-fulfilment of individuals and the social balance? This issue will also be addressed in our discussion about inclusion and disparities. Can sustainable growth be envisaged without a fair sharing of wealth and without inclusion of the largest number into society?


Europe vs United States: Where do they diverge? At a time when it seems that the US economy is recovering while growth is stalling in the countries of the European Union, we shall explore the reasons behind the dynamism of the American economy and discuss the competitive advantages of both models.


There is no doubt that we are heading towards a more feminine world. Indeed, an important feature of the New World is the growing place of women in public and private affairs. However, there is still some way to go. Why are women still facing so many stumbling blocks that hinder this long-announced evolution?


The world is facing an ever-increasing number of global issues such as climate change and the rarefaction of natural resources. Governments can no longer tackle alone these big issues, qualified as Global Public Goods, and NGOs, companies and citizens have become active players in this debate. As we are heading towards the UN Conference on Climate Change (COP21), which will be held at the end of the year in Paris, it is crucial that the international community, including non-state actors, provide a global answer. What instruments must be set up to manage these Global Public Goods?


Together with high-level speakers and thought leaders, we shall examine without taboo all these major issues at stake. This 7th Edition promises to be rich, lively and stimulating.


Strategic council

The mandate of the Strategic Council, chaired by Jean-Paul Fitoussi, is to identify and put forward the main themes and focus points of the programme of the Annual Meeting of the New World Forum.

Strategic council

Gérard Askinazi


Francis Fukuyama

Francis Fukuyama, May 2011

Robert Skidelsky


Gabriela Ramos

Gabriela RAMOS

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Jean-Claude Trichet