The mandate of the Strategic Council, chaired by Jean-Paul Fitoussi, is to identify and put forward the main themes and focus points of the programme of the Annual Meeting of the New World Forum.

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Jean-Paul Fitoussi

Economist, Professor Emeritus, Founder and co-Chairman of the New World Forum

Gérard Mestrallet

Gérard Mestrallet

Chairman and CEO of ENGIE, co-Chairman of the New World Forum


Gérard Askinazi

Co-founder of the New World Forum, Chairman of Agence Publics


Martine Durand

Chief Statistician and Director of Statistics, OECD


Gilles Finchelstein

Director-general of the Jean-Jaurès fondation

Francis Fukuyama, May 2011

Francis Fukuyama

Economist, professor of economics at Stanford University