Africa: the Future is now

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With exceptional growth rates in recent years, Africa appears today as being the emerging continent.

Its growth rates fascinate, but the political organization of the continent remains worrisome, just as much as the poverty and precariousness of a large part of its population. Will growth alone be enough to overcome the many accumulated difficulties of the continent?

The African realities are complex and, if Africa takes off, will the population really take advantage of it?

Who, amongst the multinationals, local entrepreneurs and the population itself, are the first winners?

We are probably witnessing the development of a multi-speed continent: Who are the champions and what are the engines of the African success?

Many African countries have two major assets: the creativity of its young population and the emergence of a middle class eager to consume and increase its living standards.

How can these trump cards be transformed into factors of stable and sustainable growth to allow Africa to treat as an equal with other continents?



– Sébastien Le Fol : 

Managing Editor, Le Point